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 holier than thou.

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Old Plumb


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PostSubject: holier than thou.   25.02.15 2:16

Hi all, you better watch out, the holier than thou brigade up the road are stiring it up, they are frighten that their shares will go even lower by getting our names mixed up.Kettering are suggesting that inappropriate remarks were made by our supporters.Does anybody know if there is any truth in this.OP.
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PostSubject: Re: holier than thou.   25.02.15 3:08

Don't think anything is being stirred up by United supporters, below are some of the comments on the Kettering 'poppynet' forum, there for all to see.

'Re: Aylesbury match

Postby redtildead on Mon Feb 23, 2015 1:19 pm

When we went over there last year I was disgusted at some of the things the little drummer boy and his mates were coming out with - it was in no way "normal" football banter/ chants - and it was certainly not funny or clever . As it reflects on the Club itself I can only assume Aylesbury FC has no problem with it - which is quite odd as they make such a show of how much they are a community and family orientated club?

Perhaps the Club will put some of the more revolting chants on their web site so their young footballers and parents who come along to watch can learn the words to them - even better, get the local paper to do an article then the whole town can "sing along ".'

'Re: Aylesbury match

Postby rileyb on Mon Feb 23, 2015 5:12 pm

If this was the premier league Aylesbury would be warned / possibly punished and made to sort it out.
I'm pretty sure they have used the same sick chants against other teams.
But because it's step 7 double standards mean racism and other sick chants can be gotten away with.
If I ever witness anyone in the Poppies end chanting about cancer and chemo then i'd have no qualms about reporting them and pointing them out. There must be at least 1 or 2 Aylesbury fans who also heard / were disgusted by it. They should do the decent thing, but if you only have about 100 fans i spose you wouldn't want to lose any more.'
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holier than thou.
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