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1League Cup Empty League Cup on Mon Oct 02, 2017 11:43 pm

Tomorrow night to the Meadow then, same place the d*cks hire I think, except we don't have to pay to play on it !
Pleased to hear the 37 had a good time boozing and losing, that's just what I wished for them  Razz
I'm not a lover of this Cup and with the Trophy game on Saturday it might be a good opportunity to give some of the lightly used/unused players a run out, put them in the limelight and lets see if any of them can work themselves into the weekend squad. cheers

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2League Cup Empty Re: League Cup on Thu Oct 05, 2017 3:14 pm

I was rather hoping someone else may have made a comment, seems I have this forum to myself and I  can't really understand why, am I the only that thinks we have a good squad? Does everyone else think we are sh*t ? scratch
Tuesday night then against what I would describe as a top 8 SL1E side. Decent enough performance, scoreline flattered Chesham, A few changes, KL (only because I can't pronounce either of his names with any real certainty) came in gave away a penalty, he didn't set the world on fire and looks like he needs some match time, I can't see him getting it with us in the near future. Hafid looked lively again, I like him, had a one on one but missed the target, very good at staying on side, he finds lots of space, but like others before him in that position is often invisible to his team mates, I have him in front of Harry or Aston to start on Saturday,  the latter under a bit of pressure as he's lost his place, looking forward to see how he responds. Hauley got 30mins under his belt as did new signing Gary Jones, he's played against us plenty of times, he's decent will play Bens role I guess, I have him down to be the leading cb goalscorer.
That'll do, Ill talk to myself later Laughing cheers

Ball gets a well deserved MoM, seems at the top of his game at the moment.

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3League Cup Empty Re: League Cup on Thu Oct 05, 2017 8:16 pm

I'll talk to you DB if you are feeling lonely.
I really enjoyed the game. I thought we matched them 1st half and should have taken at least one of our chances. Kieron Schmidt played a no nonsense role and looked fresh. If we could stop elaborating in front of goal and maybe have the confidence to shoot quicker and more often then we have nothing to fear. However, this is not just a problem this season. It feels as though it is an ongoing issue at AFC that is becoming an annual talking point. I agree with your thoughts that we have a good team and we are starting to show what we are all about but we struggle to keep momentum going. Every time I go ( which I know isn't anywhere near as often as you and the crew) I feel a certain intrepidation. I suppose though this intrepidation makes me want to keep coming back on the hope that we see the true potential coming out. Onwards and Upwards.

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