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Not exactly a surprise, but all the best, Alan :)

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Just to say, thanks for your time with us Alan, and all the best for the future.

I think the job at AFC wasn't quite what you were expecting, even though I'm sure Danny filled you in on what it was going to be like during your chats.
I also think you were a little overwhelmed at the loyalty of the supporters and people associated with the club, especially when it came to discussions revolving around groundshares and mergers.

It hasn't helped either, that there were a few people who acted as though they had the best interests of the club to heart, but turned out to be, in fact, rather toxic and just furthering their own interests.

Hopefully, they have been weeded out now, and those that remain are 100% committed to Aylesbury FC.


Still, it IS rather odd that Alan's departure was mentioned on the d*cks forum a good 20/30 minutes BEFORE the official club statement. . . scratch

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I dont think it's that odd Dave, around 25 people who are now keen to speak to their contacts around the league were informed at 7:30pm. So it was bound to get out.

As for the comment about toxic people, this club has lost some great people who all believed they had the best interests of the club at heart most of whom put in substantial amounts of money, something not everyone is blessed with the ability to do.

As for Alan, sad to see a good man who is committed to local football leave. He invested alot of his personal finance and knowledge to the club and will be treated the way he should at the next club he arrives at. All the best Alan.

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I'm sure when Alan came on board he was well aware of the feelings regarding the d*cks and if he says any different I would call him a liar to his face, I believe he owns a one club in Aylesbury badge, this current committee have not tricked him.
All this seemed to kick off from the moment the club showed good will, (yes, really) in letting them use our ground for the Bedford game they were struggling to get on, quite clearly being nice is seen as a weakness, hopefully the club will learn from this.  I'm honestly very grateful to Alan for his help in the last year.
Alan the football supporter is very welcome anytime to stand with our little posse as he did in the second half of Saturdays match and I genuinely liked him. I wish him the very best of luck with whatever he goes on to do.
  When there is an internal power struggle it is normal for the "losing side" to leave, On that note  I'd also like to thank all those people, (even the ones that I don't like) for their efforts, funding etc that they have done for the club, we have had some great laughs along the way.

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According to the D*cks forum, I hold your bin-bags open for you, Darren, lmao lol!

Still, I guess it looks good on our CV's, eh? study

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Just goes to show how well informed they all are, everyone knows its me that holds the bin bags Laughing , it's normal for them to work with half truths, lies and chinese whispers, their fans must be some of the most gullible in the country.
Omg, what are we going to do? We've only got a whopping 6 months till next season cheers

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