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Home v Moanyfields

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1Home v Moanyfields  Empty Home v Moanyfields on Sun Feb 25, 2018 10:26 pm

Bit surprised at Moneys style of play, they did what they needed to get the win but by all accounts they play like that all the time,Shocked  Dirty, moaning and whining, time wasting, surrounding the ref and all that stuff, the ref got suckered into it and had a bit of a mare, pointing at the spot before having to over rule himself after talking to the lino was an entertaining moment. Unfortunately we didn't create enough going forward  and really struggled with the pitch, under hitting passes because they slow in the mud or over hitting them because they didn't. The new player Joe looked like he might be entertaining, think he may have an injury now though.
They were meant to be a better team than us, they had more shots on target and  beat us 2-0, good luck to them, they seemed a cheerful bunch in the bar cheers

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