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Aylesbowie down to the Row.

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1Aylesbowie down to the Row. Empty Aylesbowie down to the Row. on Wed Mar 28, 2018 5:02 pm

A few ch-ch-changes to Saturday's starting XI including two absolute beginners, Nick and Rick and a formation that we don't seem to have favoured for five years, back to the golden years of 442 rather than the usual modern love of the premiersh*t style. Our good friend Sunny Gill was in charge and without the scary monsters observing him he did alright, lino in the second half must have been in a moonage daydream thinking about life on mars with an offside that really didn't seem to involve anyone. Suspect    
Under pressure for most of the game, Njugo playing in midfield (which looks like his position) did well as did Gurney, some lad made a comparison to Wayne Carter and him, initially I thought he was a lad insane, but he may be right. Gwilliams looks exciting, holds his position and found some space which is a bit of an oddity, he was my starman.  Still in the game for 70 mins till it was ashes to ashes, that's not so bad. No real surprise at getting beat, the Row should be dancing in the street, they are going well, looked much better than at our place. Clearly it's not all hunky dorey no real heroes from last night but I would like to think we might get at least a point or several over this BH weekend.
Happy Easter cheers

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2Aylesbowie down to the Row. Empty Re: Aylesbowie down to the Row. on Wed Mar 28, 2018 11:15 pm

Nice one DB ,let's hope we can get a point or three, O P !!

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