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3pts at last

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13pts at last Empty 3pts at last on Wed Apr 18, 2018 4:44 am

Well done to Kev and Dave on  having your first win as Moles. I thought we were due a win, the second half at Kempston was showing the signs. Just sorry I could not be there to witness it cheers

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23pts at last Empty Re: 3pts at last on Wed Apr 18, 2018 6:30 pm

Good stuff management and best of luck on Thursday,at which I will be cheering you on,c o y m, O P

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33pts at last Empty Re: 3pts at last on Wed Apr 18, 2018 11:00 pm

I think it was fitting that we relegated Arlesey after their last visit to the SRD.
Nightmare of a place to get to with those big new roads not showing up on the mappy thing on telephones, all roads seemed to lead to the M1, it wasn't until we got to the place that I once raced a granny off the lights that I half knew where we were! Laughing  
Started the game off on the front foot and were on top throughout, it seemed quite comical with the opportunities not taken in the first half, couple of goal line clearances, JJ hit the upright, a side netting,( there's always someone that thinks it's a goal!) I think everyone in the ground all knew we were going to win.
 The long awaited goal (with everyone hoping for a worldie) came from a dead ball,I think? Njogu poking home inside the six yrd box, looked to have crossed the line, think it was JJ that made sure it had. I'm not sure if the lads had had a bet amongst themselves but for a few seconds Njogu looked like he'd won a trip to Disneyland. The second goal was like you see on the telly from those expensive foreigners, they tap the screen and circle players to show you how it's done, one touch football around the box, Almond with the finish.
Isaac on his return from his red card looked exciting again as did Kai, Njogu reminds me of one of the Dunstables captains or former captain, is it Moses?
Lots to be pleased about, the biggest one being one of my travel companions that I've been insulting for being a Jonah for months and have been tempted on more than one occasion to leave in town has finally seen us win, the last one was Becky in Oct, he has missed about 5 games all season  including 4 wins.  Suspect  
Bit of pub talk re Arlesey, they didn't start the season looking to go down, their finances were allegedly messed up by the last regime, but I heard they are hoping to resolve that with some houses being built on the road edge either side of the gate.
I don't think it will do them any harm at all going down, modern football fans don't watch losing teams, top 6 in the Spartan will bring bigger crowds, they will certainly save fortunes getting out of this fascist like league in fines if nothing else.
Good win, Well done. COYM cheers

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