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Eight days since Arlesey win

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1Eight days since Arlesey win Empty Eight days since Arlesey win on Wed Apr 25, 2018 8:28 pm

Sometimes a week is a long time in football. Since our relegation of Arlesey (which saw us safe with a whopping 6 games still to play) we've been involved in the race for the title, gave Becky a scare on Thursday but couldn't manage the same for the Diamonds last night.
 I see the old gullible "two  buses from home" brigade are enjoying themselves, smashed off their heads on werthers and bitter lemons again, if three games left at a fiver a go here in the wonderful County town of Bucks, supporters player of the season still to be voted for and only £2.95 for a pint of Fosters in the Club is us on life support, imagine how they are going to feel about the rules on indefinite groundsharing when it comes in, will it be this year ?  affraid  Laughing Laughing
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